Code of Conduct
Dear fellow members of the Global Coke family,

Global Coke is a huge corporation, conserving, creating and celebrating wealth. Our businesses reach into nearly every corner of the world. We operate in a number of countries, various time zones and we speak many languages, living the age-old Indian dictum of “Unity in Diversity”.

There is only one way to hold together a company so big and diverse on its way to even greater heights - through shared values and common goals.

That’s why our Code of Conduct is so vitally important. It provides us with a clear understanding of our core values; IT’S WHAT WE STAND FOR, THE RULES WE LIVE BY. The Code applies to every Global Coke employee throughout the world. It applies to every business transactions we make and to any business acting on our behalf.

Global Coke is a proud corporation, a truly global citizen. Our Code of Conduct helps to keep it that way. My request is that you read it with care and make a commitment to live by it every day.

Our future depends on it.

D.K. Ojha (Managing Director)
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