Mission Statement
We aim to become a premier resource company, socially conscious corporate citizen in the business of wealth creation in an ethical and moral manner. We hope to be environmentally safe, an equal opportunity employer, and a proud contributor to Indian steel production.

Respect for our Employees / Diversity
The company adheres to all local employment laws and regulations and respects lawful customs of the countries based who remains the most important part of the company.

Proper work environment would be provided where all employees would have the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to Global Cokeís success.

Global Coke is committed to equal opportunity in all aspects of employment for all employees and applicants. The company would also provide a workplace free from all forms of discrimination, including sexual and other forms of harassment.

Insistence is made on fostering a work environment where people feel comfortable and respected, regardless of individual differences, talents or personal characteristics. One of the most important long-term objectives for the diversity of the employees is by matching the diversity of the population wherever the company operates.

An inclusive culture that welcomes and embraces the strengths of differences, supports involvements, and provides everyone with equal access to opportunities and information is encouraged at work.

Treating each other with respect and dignity and fostering an atmosphere of caring, open communications and candor is pressed forth. Respecting the rights of individuals to achieve professional and personal balance in their lives is very important for the company.

A great deal of emphasis on personal integrity and the belief of long-term results being the best measure of performance are made evident through the method of the company.

Customers, Suppliers & Co- Competitors
The company is committed to the continuation of free enterprise. Therefore, recognizing the importance of laws prohibiting restraint of trade, predatory economic activities and unfair or unethical business practices is required and laws are to be complied with.

In all business dealings with suppliers, customers and competitors, Global Coke will:
  • Compete intensely and vigorously
  • Treat all customers and suppliers honestly, fairly and objectively
  • Avoid any unfair or deceptive practice and always present services and products in an honest and forthright manner
  • Never criticize a competitorís product without a good basis for such statements
  • Make clear to all suppliers that they are expected to compete fairly and vigorously for the business, and all suppliers are selected strictly on the basis of merit
  • Comply with all laws prohibiting agreements with competitors to fix prices or other sales terms; divide or assign sales territories, customers or product lines; or coordinate bids and agreements with customers to fix their resale prices as most of the markets are against this practice

  • Global Relations
    By fostering economic growth and international commerce understanding and peace can both be strengthened. As an international organization, Global Coke recognizes its responsibility to the interests of the countries in which business is commenced. All laws and regulations are thoroughly maintained and respect the law of host countries is always kept. The goal is to be non-political and continue being a good corporate citizen.

    Business, Festival Gifts, Payments
    All business decisions are made on merit. Therefore, the company will never give or offer, directly or indirectly, anything of value to a government official to influence any discretionary decision by such official in his or her official capacity. Gifts or inducements given to governmental officials and employees is highly regulated and often prohibited. Such gifts and entertainment should not be provided unless it has been determined that they are permitted by law and the business unitís policies.

    In circumstances, where it would not create an appearance of impropriety, employees may provide existing or potential customers with reasonable entertainment or gifts. However, the gifts must be permitted by local law, the customerís own policies and the business unitís policies.

    Employees may not accept a gift, festival giveaway, loan, special service, payment or special treatment of any kind from any individual or organization which conducts or seeks to conduct business with the company, or which competes with the company, unless:
  • It would be consistent with good business practices
  • It could not be considered a business inducement
  • It is of nominal value (as set forth in the Divisionís policy)
  • Public disclosure of the transaction would not embarrass Global Coke

  • All business related gifts which exceed the divisionís definition of nominal value should be reported to the immediate supervisor as soon as they are received.

    Safety and Environmental Protection
    Global Coke is committed to providing safe and healthy environment and to become a responsible corporate citizen that is environment friendly. Accordingly, the company will comply with all applicable environmental safety, health laws and regulations. It is the responsibility of each employee to comply with all company policies concerning violence in the workplace and substance abuse.

    Designing, constructing, maintaining and operating facilities are dedicated to protect people and physical resources. This includes providing and requiring the use of adequate protective equipment and measures and insisting that all work be done safely.

    Protecting the environment is an important part of good corporate citizenship. Global Coke is committed to minimizing the impact of its businesses on the environment with methods that are socially responsible, scientifically based and economically foolproof. Conservation, recycling and energy use programs that promote clean air and water and reduce landfill waste are encouraged soundly.

    Political, Community Activities and Contributions
    Contributing to society and encouraging employees to participate in community activities by communicating information and opinions on issues of public concern which may affect the company. Decisions by our employees whether or not to contribute time money or resources of their own to any political or community activity are entirely personal and voluntary.

    All laws in promoting the companyís position to government authorities and in making political contributions would be obeyed. Contributions by the company to political candidates may be prohibited or regulated. Any such contribution requires the approval of Global Cokeís top management.

    Conflicts of Interest
    Conflicts of interest policy is straight forward and simple according to the company.

    Competition with Global Cokeís businesses are discouraged, and never let any business dealings on behalf of any of the companyís businesses be influenced, or appear to be influenced, by personal or family interests.

    Examples of conflicts that must be disclosed and resolved include:
  • Having a family interest in a transaction with the company. A family interest would include interests which oneís spouse, parent, child, sibling or domestic partner has.
  • More than nominal individual or family interest in a competitor, supplier or customer of the Company (for example, ownership of more than 1% of a supplierís equity securities)
  • Having a significant individual or family interest in an organization that does, or seeks to conduct business with the company.
  • Acquiring an individual or family interest in property (such as real estate, patent rights, securities or other properties) or a business where you believe the company has, or might have, an interest.

  • Having outside business interests or activities which affect job performance because of the significant amount of time and attention diverted from your responsibilities as a company employee.

    Accounts and Record Keeping
    Observation of the most stringent standards in the keeping of financial records and accounts are done. The company accounts must reflect all components of transactions, as well as the companyís own standard of insisting upon an honest and forthright presentation of the facts. It is the responsibility of each employee to uphold these standards. Appropriate records must be kept of all transactions. Employees are expected to cooperate fully with all internal and external auditors. Information must not be falsified or concealed under any circumstance and an employee whose activities causes false financial reporting will be subject to disciplinary action, including discharge.

    Outside Consultants
    When the company hires outside consultants or agents to assist it, the consultant or agent and its employees, will be provided with copies of this Code and informed that they will be expected to comply with its provisions with respect to their work for the company.

    Email and Intranet
    E-Mail, Internet and Intranet systems are to be used primarily for company business. In no event may the systems be used:
  • For sending or receiving discriminatory or harassing messages
  • Sending/receiving Chain letters
  • Sending/receiving Material which is obscene and in bad taste
  • For commercial solicitations
  • In any other way that would otherwise violate the Code

  • The company owns all E-Mail messages sent from or received through Global Cokeís systems. It may monitor all messages and may be required to disclose them in the case of litigation or any appropriate government inquiry.

    Every employee shall disclose promptly to his/her immediate supervisor any personal situation or transaction which is or may be in conflict with the intent or spirit of this Code, and shall cooperate fully with any inquiry into such matter. The supervisor shall determine what actions are to be taken and recommend that action in writing for approval by the next higher level of management. All employee disclosures and corrective actions shall be reported to General Cokeís General Auditor. Any disclosure of a matter to the supervisor seems inappropriate to the employee, he/she should promptly discuss the matter with the divisionís Chief Legal Officer.
    Eminent Quote
    Karmanye Vadhikaraste Maa Phaleshu Kadachna ! Maa Karmaphalehturbhu Ma Te Sangostvakarmani.
    • • • • • Meaning • • • • •
    You have the right to work only But never to its fruits. Let not the fruits of action be your motive. Nor let your attachment be to inaction.
    Shrimad Bhaagvat Gita Ch. 2, 47