Scripting the Freedom Song
The story of Global Coke is also one of transformation – one of creating cosmos, literally from chaos. The sick unit that the company had taken over in 2007, has not only been transformed into a thriving profit making one, but is also undergoing massive expansion cum modernization which will make it into one of the most eco friendly and energy efficient units in the industry. The second unit, this one too on the verge of extinction has been taken over and the company is confident of not only turning it around but is also adding capacities with a view towards not only operating at an economic scale but also of being energy efficient, socially integrated, environment friendly producer of a commodity whose abundant availability is a matter of national concern. “We are no mere commodity players. We are creators of wealth and are proud transformers. We have breathed life to what others had left behind by sheer hard work and a honest belief in the self. We achieve, because we dare to dream. A honest, hard working common man’s dream. Be with us, for this is just the beginning and we are confident that our dreams will take us far.”

At Global Coke, the underlying philosophy is simple - to tread the path of honest toil and create wealth by the dint of hard work and unflinching commitment. To us, business is not merely a function for the generation of profits. Our approach is much more holistic, all encompassing. To us, the real goal of business is to create wealth - for the stake holders, co- creators, workers . the society and world at large. We do not view ourselves merely as are source company engaged in providing the nation's steel industry with a vital raw material. We do not view ourselves merely as an entity that is engaged in adding value to nature's wealth. We do not view ourselves merely as a company that is reviving lost hope by turning around abandoned dreams. We are all that and much more - we are a global citizen, a proud Indian corporate, honest in our endeavour, consciously creating wealth by utilizing scarce resources, using the state of the art technologies so that we can give back to nature much, much more than what we take from her. We do not believe that we have inherited the world and the resources in her womb from our fore fathers. We view ourselves as mere guardians of nature for the children of the world. That is reason why, we have at our helm, people who are integrity personified. People who care. People who are fired by a passion to excel, propelled by a shared view, a common commitment to tomorrow.

Products Profile for M/S Global Coke Limited
  • Low ash metallurgical coke for Steel Plants - size 25mm to 80mm.
  • Low ash metallurgical coke for Foundries - size above 80mm.
  • Low ash metallurgical coke for Sinter Plants - size 5mm to 25mm.
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